Eagle Flying

Our consulting philosophy.



Running your youth program or seasonal summer camp is year-round commitment

to the children and youth in your community or organization. As a camp or

seasonal day-camp program organizer, you have to work continuously with

intensive effort and focused attention-to-detail to consistently deliver relevant,

high-quality camp experiences that;


  1. Positively encourages kids and increases their confidence.

  2. Gives trust to parents and guardians of the positive impact of your camp.

  3. Creates happy, loyal campers who give you free advertising because they                                                                want to return to your camp or program.


Are you a First Nations community youth worker, social worker education

counsellor or a supervisor trying to increase the quality of your programming or

hoping to get more kids out to your events and programs? Do you start out well

with a fair number of youth attending your programs and then the numbers

start to drop off? Do you get parents complaining too often? Are you just

not satisfied with your programs and looking for solutions?


As consultants with over ten years’ experience running camps for

Indigenous kids, we can help you with all of these questions and more.

We have nine years’ experience building a strong, successful camp from the ground up at London, Ontario's Western University and offering summer camps on Manitoulin Island for another three years. We can assist you to increase your camp or program participants, and help you offer a successful camp or program that is ‘structurally sound’ in terms of operations, health and wellness, high-quality activities, and safety, etc.


We meet with you, interview staff, program participants, and parents. We review your programs and operations to date. Together, we begin the process of helping you develop your program or camp to increase effectiveness, community buy-in, and staff and participant satisfaction.


In the end, we assist your organization or community to create a highly successful camp or program experience that will have your participants returning year after year, and further, spreading the word that your program is everything a great camp or program should be; inspiring, positive, encouraging, and which offers learning opportunities based on fundamental teachings of Indigenous people.


You are ultimately responsible for the content of your program while we train you on how to set up all the ‘before and preparatory’ work which is highly necessary for your staff to be in a position to successfully set up your program or camp. We help you set yourself up to succeed.