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Indigenous Youth Program and  Camp Training

3-Fires has developed a culturally sensitive professional development course for camp/youth managers, directors, coordinators, program staff, and operators. Training is equally valuable for newcomers or experienced camp and youth program professionals. This intensive two-day training course is an interactive learning & exchange environment with other members of the Indigenous youth program and camp communities. The course is designed for community programs, youth programs, after-school programs, cultural programs, special youth events, religious organizations, sports programs, recreation programs, Right to Play, homework clubs, youth clubs, land-based activities, Health Centres, Community Development departments, and any youth program or camp who would like to specialize in managing a great camp or program experience for Indigenous youth. We also offer a “beyond-the-basics” supplementary and specific training programs for all your various program needs.

Course Goals are to:

Goal 1 – Present the basics of camp management in the core areas of youth camp and program management;
Goal 2 – Develop a community of professionals within Indigenous youth camps and programs and create a network of dedicated peers.
Goal 3 – Introduce self-directed learning and a professional development process in youth program management.

Building a Successful Youth Program or Camp is all about YOU!

If you like working with kids and you have the drive to put together the contents of a great prevention program for the children and youth in your community, we will teach you how to create and build a flourishing and successful framework for your unique programs and camps.

You will learn how to:

Run a deeply satisfying youth program or youth camp;

Increase your return rate of youth to your programs;

Hire the right staff whose main job is to engage positively with youth;

Fill all your programs to capacity;

Feel good about your program and what you are offering to youth;

Be seen as an expert and the ‘go-to’ person for your community in running youth programs;

Show your competence and accomplishments as a youth worker;

Have happy, productive youth in your programs;

Work together as a team with the parents and guardians so youth are happy;

Scope out “resources” online to use in your programs;

Absolutely know your programs are working by asking the right questions in your evaluations;

Create a self-directed ongoing training program that improves year after year.

You will learn the importance of building an effective training program, how to handle staffing, put together health and safety measures, keep leadership informed, and review funding opportunities.

Supervisors are encouraged to attend the 14-hour training program to learn how to provide support to Youth Workers. Further, an additional day of training is available for staff to raise awareness with the leadership of the administrative requirements and the core values needed to assist and support youth programs and their youth workers.