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National Lifeguard Multi-Certification Program 2024




8 Days

About the Course

Must be 15 years of age by program end and must have Standard First Aid CPR-C

Participants will go through Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, and National Lifeguard Certifications over the course of 8 days at Rainbow Lodge, Whitefish River First Nation, Ontario on July 3-10, 2024. All training material will be provided.

Benefits of completing the program include but are not limited to:

  • First step to becoming a swim instructor and run your own program year round.

  • In-demand employment opportunities.

  • Learn highly specialized skills valuable to any career path.

  • Eventually teach lifesaving skills anywhere in Canada.

  • Enhance communities' water-safety standards ​with a certified lifeguard.

  • Learn standards of practice regarding a safe ​waterfront.

  • Learn lifeguard principles, sound judgement and ​responsibilities.

Fee includes:

  • Continental Breakfast, full lunch, full dinner

  • Shared tent accommodation at a secure location

  • Lifesaving Society Textbook

  • Bronze Medallion & Bronze Cross Workbooks

  • Alert: Lifeguarding In Action Textbook

  • Pocket mask & whistle

  • Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross & National Lifeguard Training - Transferable Nation Wide

  • 80 hours of professional lifesaving training

*Must be 15 years of age by program end and must have Standard First Aid CPR-C

Your Instructors

Jaden Mishibinijima

Jaden Mishibinijima

Justin Peters

Justin Peters

Justin and Jaden have extensive knowledge of water safety and on-the-water programming. Together they have become fully certified Lifeguard Instructors and aim to pass on their expertise to everyone who wants to make a difference in their community.

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