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3-Fires Registration Form

Indigenous Camp and Program Management


Lead Instructor

Justin Peters


Jaden Mishibinijima






Registration includes: Bronze Medallion Certification, Bronze Cross Certification, National Lifeguard Certification, all training material required by the Lifesaving Society. Instruction and Exam fees with official 3-Fires Certificate. Registration fee includes meals and shared tent accommodation at Rainbow Lodge, Whitefish River First Nation, Ontario on July 3-10, 2024.

Once registration is received 3-Fires staff will contact you for your preferred method of payment.

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Individual Medical Information

Please answer the following assessment questions accurately and honestly. This health questionnaire helps us provide a better training experience and crucial background information to help 3-Fires aid the individual's well-being on-site while attending the National Lifeguard training program.

Applicant possesses a valid health card?
Applicant's tetnus shot is up to date

Do YOU have any of the following medical conditions? Please check "Yes or "No".

Allergic to food, medication, bee stins, etc.
Fainting, Dizziness or Sudden Loss of Consciousness
Wears a medical alert bracelet, neck chain, or a medicl alert card
Chronic Medical Condition(s)
Severe Anxiety or Panic Attacks
Has lung limitations due to long-term COVID-19
Other (Any illness, health or emotional concern the progam should be aware of)
Requires medication for emergency purposes the progam should be aware of? (EpiPen, asthma puffer, insulin and/or other)
Physical mobility restrictions (any limitations that would prevent full participation in all program training)
Are you able to participate in intense physical training for 8-days?
Are you able to fully participate in rigorous physical training in varying types of environmental conditions? (example: cold water, light rain, cold winds, hot/humid, sunny, bugs, rocky shoreline, etc.)
Are you able to acquire your Standard First Aid/ CPR-C certificate before training begins? Failure to attain your Standard First Aid/CPR level-C before the start of the training date could jeopardize and may disqualify you from program.

The following are examples of skills training that will be repeated and tested in order successfully complete certification for the 3-Fires National Lifeguard Program. All applicants will be required to successfully complete the tests listed below with a minimum of one attempt and may be asked to reattempt them if and when required. These are just a few examples of some of the training performed. There are no refunds for this course due to the high cost of the facility, amenities, staff time and other materials provided. Unfortunately, 3-Fires cannot guarantee the success of each applicant and stress the importance of physical fitness for this program.


  • Endurance challenge: minimum swim of 400m within a minimum time of 10 minutes or less using any combination of strokes.

  • Object recovery: start in the water, swim 15 meters, surface dive to recover a 20 lbs object; surface and carry the object 5 meters – all within 40 seconds.

  • Rescue drill: start in water, swim to recover a submerged volunteer located 25 meters away; carry the volunteer 25 meters – all within 90 seconds.

  • Approach and carry: start in the water, approach 15 meters head-up to contact a distressed volunteer in deep water; carry the volunteer 5 meters supporting the volunteer's head and shoulders above the surface.

  • Sprint challenge: start in the water, swim 50 meters head-up within 60 seconds.

  • Strokes and lifesaving kicks: various methods will be demonstrated and tested regularly throughout the course.

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Please Note: Registrations will be accepted until all program space is filled. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Thank you!

Forms of payment 3-FIRES accepts:

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), E-Mail Money Transfer (EMT), or Credit Card

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