Lead Facilitator: Carla Mishibinijima (3-Fires Lead Trainer)

Staff Training for Indigenous Camp and Youth Programs

On behalf of 3-Fires Staff, thank you for choosing to work with youth! The success of your program depends on the staff-participant interaction and positive change will not happen if that relationship is not positive. Staff-participant interaction shapes the youth perception on every activity - if staff think it is cool, then, the participants will think it is cool too. Broadcast then, among other things, school is cool and being Indigenous rocks! It is what you have been hired to do while working and the youth will thank you for it.


Going forward in this workbook strive to remember that fact - you are hired as a role model. It is often said that the best way to learn something is by teaching it. By teaching your junior staff how to lead, you are also becoming better leaders. Start to model the desired behavior today, remember your cultural teachings and apply them in everything that you do. Take this opportunity to objectively evaluate your program. Every participant who enters your program is intended to be a positive leader leaving your program. You have already demonstrated superior leadership qualities by successfully being hired, take your skills to the next level utilizing the resources available to you at your organization: be who you always wanted to be and inspire others along the way.


Excellence is not a birthright but something that we must all work towards.


We look forward to meeting you in a future workshop!

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